Taking the Plunge!

Taking the Plunge!
"Where are the mystery books?" and "I want a scary book!" are two daily questions I hear from students on a daily basis. I've never really had a good answer and we would both be frustrated because there would be a line of kids wanting to check out a book and 5 minutes left until their teacher was to pick them up. Is this a common theme in your library too?

Wanting to make the search for the perfect easier for not only the student but myself as well, I've decided to take the plunge and genrify the library. I had plans to take the plunge over the library but could never get into the library because the janitors were busy waxing the floors! So, I'm going to have the kids help me with this daunting task!

Animal Stories
Graphic Novels (this will include both fiction and nonfiction)
Historical Fiction
Realistic Fiction
Science Fiction

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